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Gottman Method Couples Therapy Specialists
At Safe Space, our method is the Gottman Method. Drs. John and Julie Schwartz-Gottman (founders of the Gottman Institute) have researched couples & marriages for over 45+ years. The Gottman’s have found that when two people get together in partnership with one another common patterns develop. And those patterns, although often universal, end up putting couples on a trajectory for break-up or divorce.

Gottman’s research found that one of the most troubling dynamics that develop in couples is “turning away” from each other. Couples turn away from conflict, negativity, self-disclosure, or asking for their needs to be met because they lovingly don’t want to cause a fight. But that turning way, even though it’s coming from a caring & loving place is the very behavior you want to avoid. Couples that turn away from each other often end up on a 6 year trajectory for divorce. Instead, we need to be turning toward conflict, tension, and negativity. We need to be turning towards our partners by self-disclosing, asking for our needs to be met and managing conflict.

Think of your relationship like a sunflower. Young sunflowers turn towards the warm, inviting sun to help them grow and bloom. In this “turning toward” behavior sunflowers flourish under the inviting, warm sun. As sunflowers mature they no longer chase the sun but instead stand firmly rooted, tall, vibrant, and beautiful. And they stand together. This is our aim at Safe Space. We want to help you soften the hot, scorching sun of your relationship and turn it into a peaceful, warm, inviting glow that encourages your relationship to grow and bloom. 

Safe Space therapists are inclusive, accepting, open, nonjudgmental, and SAFE. Shame is never allowed here. Everyone is welcome. And every relationship can Bloom! Please call and let’s talk. We’d like to help you create the partnership you both so deserve.
Heather Rousselo Couples Concealing Santa Clarita CAHeather Rousselo Couples Counselor Santa Clarita as a Child

Heather Rousselo

My name is Heather Rousselo and I am the President& CEO of Safe Space Marriage & Family Counseling Corp. I am a licensed Marriage & Family Therapist practicing in the Santa Clarita, California since 2011. I married my rock star husband Mike in 1994 at the wise old age of 22. Since that time Mike and I have grown up together, fought with each other, fought against each other, fought for each other, and somehow have stayed connected together. My husband tirelessly supports my every passion and puts up with my crazy. No easy job!  We have a real relationship that is nowhere near perfect. But it’s perfectly imperfect and I can’t imagine either of us having it any other way. We have four lovely children together (two completely fledged and two still at home) which adds its own special kind of chaos. We have lived in Santa Clarita since 1995. When I am not in the office you'll catch me (if y0u can) rushing back and forth from the local hockey rink and engaging in all things Hockey mom!

I have been passionate about Gottman Method Couples therapy from the moment I finished the Gottman Clinicians trainings in 2013. I immediately reinvented my couples process and began working with couples using the model, research and interventions I learned from the Gottman's.  In 2022, I decided to focus my practice exclusively on helping couples manage the everyday peaks and valleys of their relationships. I envisioned a Safe Space where people of all walks of life, orientation, identities, origins, or cultures would feel accepted, valued, respected, and supported. All while being offered expert care for life’s most precious asset-our loving relationships. 

If you click each staff person's picture you will see a special childhood photo. In my photo, I am about 5 years old at my truest happy place....Disneyland! My father took this shot and it's truly a treasure. Flowers are a BIG deal at Safe Space. My favorite flower is..... you guessed it......the Sunflower!

Mike Rousselo

Mike is the Rockstar husband behind the Safe Space scene. Mike is an Industrial Mechanic and enjoys fishing, frisbee golf, ping pong and anything outdoors. Mike is an LA Kings fan (Go Kings!). When asked what it’s like to be married to Heather he said “For me Heather was the one that got away. We dated for a short time in Junior high. I always regretted that we broke up. During high school I always wondered what happened to her. So when we met again by chance I did not hesitate to ask her to marry me. Heather always opens my eyes to see life in a new way.” Mike’s favorite flower is the Orchid.

Mike and Heather Rousselo Mike Rousselo as a child
Laura Strong Director of Administrative Support Services at Safe Space Couples Counseling in Santa Clarita CALaura Strong as a child

Laura Strong

I was born and raised in Santa Clarita, Calfornia. I am currently working toward my marriage, family, and human relations certificate and plan on getting a bachelors in Psychology.  I Love working for Safe Space Marriage & Family Counseling Corp.  I value the inviting, calm and positive atmosphere Heather provides to clients as they come in. As an employee, I am thankful for the open lines of communication, collaboration and teamwork we share. I have learned so much throughout my time here! I am excited to continue to grow academically and professionally as Heather shows great professional leadership.

The child pic is my preschool photo at North Oaks park in Santa Clarita. I spent many summers there attending summer camp with my two older sisters. I have always been an outdoors kinda gal. The beach is my oasis. I love hiking, swimming, obstacle spartan runs and just enjoying mother nature. I recently completed a half marathon hiking adventure with my 4 kids! My favorite flowers are Daisies.

Sisters Boutique Flowers & Things

Safe Space receives weekly flower arragnments from Sisters Boutique Flowers & Things in Santa Clarita, California.  Sisters Boutique delivers fresh, vibrant and creative floral arrangements that capture the Safe Space brand. At Safe Space we are motivated by growth and in growth there is beauty. Instead of focusing on one flower we focus on the whole beautiful bouquet!
Owner Grace Devereaux writes, "Sisters Boutique is inspired by all the beautiful blooms around the world. We use our love of nature combined with creative talent to design one-of-a-kind floral arrangements that capture the essence of our customers' special moment. As creatives we enourage our customers to share their vision with us so that together we can create speciality pieces that bring joy and satisfaction to everyone. We have enjoyed catering to the wonderful Santa Clarita community for over 19 years."

Sisters Florist is located at 19419 Soledad Canyon Road, Santa Clarita, California, 91351. Phone them at 661-252-9144 or email Follow them on Instagram or Facebook@sisterboutiqueflowersandthings.

Mike Rousselo as a child

Drs. John & Julie Gottman

Just as Masters and Johnson were pioneers in the study of human sexuality, so Dr. John Gottman has revolutionized the study of marriage. For four decades he has conducted research on all facets of relationships, including parenting issues. The Seven Principles of Making Marriage Work book summarizes this research and guides couples on the path toward a harmonious and long lasting relationship. At the Gottman Institute, in collaboration with Dr. Julie Schwartz Gottman, he developed a counseling approach that not only supports and repairs troubled marriages and committed relationships but strengthens happy ones.

More about the Gottman Institute :
The Gottman Institute is an internationally renowned organization dedicated to building strong relationships and repairing troubled ones. Our workshops are based on the distinguished research and clinical methodology of Drs. John and Julie Gottman who, through a global network, teach practical skills for couples and parents that help build intimacy and trust. The institute provides worldwide clinical trainings for therapists and offers certification in Gottman Couples Counseling.

Drs. John and Julie Gottman - We use the Gottman method here at Safe Space Couples Concealing in Santa Clarita

Rich in heritage and abundant in local produce.

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