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Affairs & Betrayals

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Infidelity, Affairs & Betrayals

Have you discovered your partner has betrayed you? Are friends and loved ones giving you conflicting or even harmful advice? Are you having symptoms of sadness, shock, anger or obsessive thoughts you can’t seem to shake? You are not alone. Did you betray your partner and feel there is no way to recover from the pain, shame and guilt that you have caused? Feeling like you don’t know yourself and have hit an all-time low? We understand. And you are not alone.

Infidelity, affairs and other betrayals are complex issues that must be managed with specialized care. At Safe Space we define betrayals as any relationship or behavior that is a secret from your partner. Behaviors, emotions, time or resources given to a person outside of your partnership can cause feelings of betrayal and severely damage trust. Often rebuilding trust seems insurmountable.


At Safe Space we use the Gottman Method to help you recover from infidelity or betrayal. Drs. John & Julie Gottman have developed a three-phase model of affair/betrayal recovery that is backed by science: Atone, Attune, Attach. Our therapists expertly guide you and your partner through each step of the recovery process. We understand this is a time of intense pain and sadness for you. There is no shame allowed here.

Let us help you and your partner move out of the darkness of secrets, shame and guilt and into the warmth of a supportive, trusting relationship that blooms anew.

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