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Backed by Science

Couples often wait an average of 6 years from the time they identify problems in their relationship until they seek help. (Notarius & Buongiorno, 1992). By that point, years of hurt feelings and resentments have built up, making it difficult to reconnect and rebuild trust. That’s why we offer an intensive Gottman Relationship Assessment. The assessment, based on the research of Dr. John Gottman, provides a detailed picture of the current state of your relationship. It's an opportunity to take a step back, identify the areas that are causing the most trouble or challenge allowing therapy to begin where improvements are needed most.

Relationship Check Up

The couples relationship check up is a 4 session process. Much like a doctor will not prescribe medication until they know your full medical history, we need to fully understand the inner workings of your relationship. The assessment allows us to identify your relationship’s specific areas of strength and weakness. During the final assessment session, we present your results and teach you the foundations of happy long-term relationships.  

For some couples the assessment is all that is needed. You can take your results home and work the improvements into your relationship at your own pace. The assessment information and your deeper understanding of your relationship act as your guideposts. For some couples a more structured longer term counseling approach is helpful.  Counseling begins after the assessment and is delivered by a Gottman Method trained therapist. Gottman Method counseling is backed by over 40 years of experience. 

Every relationship goes through peaks and valleys, challenging problems or periods of disconnect. Our goal is to help you navigate whatever may come so that your relationship can continue to bloom. At Safe Space we work tirelessly against the myth that only couples with deeply ingrained relationship problems enter counseling.  Continue reading below to learn more about our Premarital Gottman Relationship Check Up.

Pre-Marital Relationship Check up

Are you recently engaged or married? Or have you decided to commit to a life journey with a long-time partner? Have you been dating a while and find yourself wanting to go deeper, connect more and be the best version of yourselves as a couple? 

Safe Space offers a 4-session Relationship Check-up that is thorough, backed by science and just what a newly committed or long-time dating couple needs.  No extensive couples counseling is needed.

Using the Gottman Method we will provide you with clearly defined goals, information and techniques that are backed by science and personally tailored to your relationship. In addition you will receive a relationship strength/weakness report directly from the Gottman Institute.

Engaging in the 4-session Relationship Check-up process is a positive, healthy way to start your life journey together. 

We do not accept insurance for couples counseling but are happy to provide you a superbill

The Gottman Relationship Check Up Process

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Phone Screening
Phone screening to ensure you and your partner are in the right space/time for the check up process
Gottman Questionnaire
Couple completes the Relationship Check Up Questionnaires through the Gottman Connect website.

Fee: $159

Couples Assessment Session
Couple meets with therapist for a 75-85 minute structured interview.

Fee: $225

Individual Partner Session
Each partner attends individual session with us to learn more about individual history.

Fee: $150 each

Gottman Assessment Results
90 minute couples session to receive the Relationship Check up results.

Fee: $225

Couples can take their assessment results and work on their own or begin couples counseling with your Gottman Specialist.

Ongoing couples counseling session fee is $225

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