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Welcome! We are glad you are here. We are a Gottman method counseling center specializing in helping couples struggling with many relationship problems including infidelity/affairs, betrayals, and addiction. Gottman Method couples counseling has been proven to reduce relapse and help couples keep their relationship on track.

We provide in an in-depth 4-session Gottman Assessment. Through the assessment process, we identify your relationship areas of strength and weakness. This guides the way for targeted and specific goals that will guide you and your partner toward powerful and positive changes in your relationship. You will learn what works and what doesn't.

We know that relationships are worth fighting for, and our Gottman Method couples counseling is backed by science. With the right tools, you can achieve happiness and true partnership in your relationship. So don't wait any longer - begin the journey today!

We look forward to helping you build a stronger, lasting relationship that blooms!


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Couples Assessment

Too often, couples wait until their relationship is in crisis before seeking help. By that point, years of hurt feelings and resentments have built up, making it difficult to reconnect and rebuild trust. That's why we offer a Relationship Assessment.

This intensive assessment, based on the research of Dr. John Gottman, provides a detailed picture of the current state of your relationship. It's an opportunity to take a step back, identify the areas that are causing the most trouble or challenge, and begin working on improvements.

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Affairs and Betrayals

Affairs or other betrayals can be one most difficult challenge a couple can face. Trust has been broken, what you thought was, now suddenly is not and feelings of insecurity and crisis take hold. Shame and guilt can consume the partner that has betrayed. For both partners it can seem insurmountable to rebuild what has been lost.

However, Gottman couples counseling can be a helpful tool in rebuilding trust. It may not be easy but with our expert approach, it is possible to recover from an affair or betrayal.

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Couples Workshops in Santa Clarita CA
Couples Workshops

Many couples report there are no big, troubling issues in their relationship but rather a need for a little focused attention or fine tuning. For some, one partner may be hesitant or afraid to enter couples counseling for fear of judgment or appearing weak. And others are not sure how they would feel about exposing their intimate relationship with an outside professional. The Gottman Relationship Workshops are our answer to these common barriers. Attending a Gottman Couples workshop offers an opportunity for you and your partner to grow and learn together with no self-disclosure or long term counseling commitment.

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Presented on

April 14, 2024 2:00 PM
Tea Elle C Garden Cafe-26111 Bouquet Canyon Rd, Santa Clarita, CA 91350

Relationships need TLC! Grab your partner and join us for this Teach, Learn, Connect (TLC) event at the beautiful Tea Elle C Garden Cafe!

Has your relationship hit a plateau? Do you argue about everything and nothing? Gone from happy and connected to walking on eggshells? Relationships need a lot of TLC!

Our relationship TLC (Teach, Learn,Connect) event can help. Grab your partner and join us for a Date Day Victorian Tea! Each couple enjoys a delicious, shared pot of tea, savory finger sandwiches and delicate sweet treats. We teach, you learn, and you both connect.

You and your partner will sit together and spend the afternoon learning how to improve your relationship immediately! No Self-disclosure required.

We'll discuss the 4 divorce/break-up predictors (Criticism, Defensiveness, Contempt, Stonewalling) and how to fight right! This TLC event is great for all couples whether dating, newly engaged, married, or considering break-up or divorce.


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